The Chief Official Ethics Commission (the ‘COEC’ or the ‘Commission’) is a collegial authority set up by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania (the Seimas) and accountable to it. The purpose of the Commission is to ensure that the public institutions and persons working in them served people in an ethical manner.

While performing its duties and taking decisions, the Commission is independent and acts within the powers set forth in the law. State politicians, state officials, political parties, civil servants, associations, other legal or natural persons are prohibited from interfering in the activities of the COEC. The chairperson of the COEC, members of the Commission, employees of the Secretariat are independent in fulfilment of their duties.

The COEC bases its operations on the principles of respect for the individual and the State, legality, impartiality, political neutrality, independence, collegiality, transparency, openness and accountability. The meetings of the COEC are public.

The Commission consists of 5 members, appointed by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania:

  • Edmundas Sakalauskas (Chairman, proposed by the Prime Minister);
  • Evelina Matulaitiene (Deputy Chairman, proposed by the President of the Republic of Lithuania);
  • Dr. Virginijus Kanapinskas (Member, proposed by the Lithuanian Lawyers’ Association);
  • Dr. Antanas Senavicius (Member, proposed by the Speaker of the Seimas);
  • Martinas Zaltauskas (Member, proposed by the National Council of Non-Governmental Organisations).


The objectives of the Commission:

  • to help persons to declare private interests and adjust them with public interests;
  • to ensure that persons exerted influence to legislation in a transparent manner;
  • in exercise of the powers set forth in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Prevention of Corruption, to prevent emergence and spread of corruption;
  • in exercise of the powers set forth in the Code of Conduct for State Politicians of the Republic of Lithuania, to help state politicians to behave in public life in an ethical manner;
  • to coordinate formation of the official ethics policy in state and municipal institutions and bodies and other public sector entities;
  • to carry out supervision of declaration of private interests, assessment and management of the risk of conflict of private interests, prevention of violations in state and municipal institutions and bodies, other public sector entities and other legal entities listed in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Adjustment of Public and Private Interests in which the persons concerned work.



For questions or additional information please contact:
Ms. Evelina Matulaitiene, Deputy Chairman, Tel. +370 646 93149
Ms. Egle Ivanauskaite, Press Officer & Data Protection Officer, Tel. +370 672 63523















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